Twitter is a platform where a lot of public conversation is happening. But with this 30 minute video, Twitter takes the stage to share exciting information about itself and it's future planned features. The video contains a big amount of deep, insightful information, which is presented from beginning to end by Twitter's head of product and Twitters's head of design. 

This brought the challenge to craft a narrative and to produce an audio-visual language to help balance comprehensiveness and excitement from minute one till minute 30. The work included crafting the narrative, art direction, and direction for live action film, design, motion, editing and sound.

Crafting the narrative

The narrative is carefully designed to balance comprehensiveness and excitement. This means structuring information, live action and motion in a way where we can create constant tensions in pacing and density of information. Below you will find that after setting our 'mise en scène' (to set the stage for speakers and Twitter's context) the narrative goes through plenty of those narrative beats that ramp up or down in pacing/action to retain attention span and clarity.

Analyst Day

Storyboarding for live action and more

Following the narrative, I have worked through scene by scene storyboarding, to concept the needs for the film in terms of design, motion and live action. We directed the live action shoot based of this storyboard, to ensure flow and to reserve the right breaks for motion, scene transition and other elements which would need to come together in final edit.


Design and motion

Analyst Day

Using the brand's voice to execute on story

The design and motion language is based on Twitter's brand. This is using analogue artifacts such as raw textures and paper tears, along with expressive typography. To help stearing the narrative and to bring a sense of progress in the video, we used this language to set up themes per chapter to visually imply the different sections of the complete story. 

Product design

Since many of the features shown in the video are feature concepts, prototyping and detailed flows had not been designed yet. Our Ueno team worked together with Twitter's head of product and team, to complete the designs of missing flows for product concepts (a massive task). After this stage, the product screens have been animated to fit the needs of the storyboard, to create clear examples to help tell the story.


Bringing together storyboards, design, motion, live action, product design, copy, grading, sound design, music & editing according to a well thought out narrative.

Bringing together storyboards, design, motion, live action, product design, copy, grading, sound design, music & editing according to a well thought out narrative.


sequences of live action & motion


Minutes of video narrative


Product design animations


Creative direction: Vinesh Gayadin
Product director: Rebecca Chen
Design lead: Gene Ross
ACD / Copy: Justin Early

DP / Editor / Sound: Troy Stains
Editor: Herman Forsman
Design: Steph Jeong, Meghan Rose,
Amelie Au
Motion: Myles Bryan, Luka Primorac,
John Flores

Producer: Aneisa Hagen, Josh Dietel
Music: Marmoset
Speakers: Kayvon Beykpour, Dantley Davis
Agency: Ueno
Client: Twitter


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