G-Star RAW's brand is defined with a core focus on 'Just the product'. With a focus on making 'raw' and pure garments, G-Star RAW is intentionally leaving room for interpretation on how to combine and style any piece of their collection. Since the 'rules' of matching and styling can't be capture by any standard formula, the brand calls these unwritten laws "Style Mathematics".    

Aldo van Eyck 

The design, photography and video of the Style Mathematic campaign finds it's inspiration in a Dutch architect (Aldo van Eyck), who's Structuralism architecture shared the same principles as G-Star RAW's Style Mathematics: raw, fundemental and designed for open interpretation for it's form and function.   


Similar to the Style Mathematics principles itself, the 'formula's' of Style Mathematic are open for interpretation. To present the lookbook on in-store displays, web and social media, we added these conceptual formula's and symbols in context of the garments. 

G-Star's archive pieces

Safely stored in under the G-Star HQ building in Amsterdam, G-Star keeps an archive of vintage and historical garments and objects, that set the base of G-Star's inspiration for design. These objects were once designed and crafted for its own specific function and durability and follow no rules around fashion trends. As this makes a great fit for the Style Mathematics philosophy, we used the archive pieces to complete our art direction in our outlets (digital, film, photography and retail windows).


Closing notes

Design / Art Director: Vinesh Gayadin
Design / Art Director: Jelle Kos

Creative Director: Djordy Van Riel
Djordy Van Riel
Producer: Iris Mak
Producer: Kevin Verwaard

Video editor: Mathias Den Hartog
Agency / Brand: G-Star RAW

Selected Work

G-STAR X25 IIProject type

The Next RembrandtDesign / Design Direction

– Website / Film

AbridgeArt Direction, Design

– Branding / Internactive

Style MathematicsDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive / Film / Misc

HorizonsDesign / Art Direction

– Film

RaynsieDesign / Art direction

– Interactive

DisplacementDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

United We AreDesign / Film Graphics

– Film

Eye Filmmuseum TouchDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

Misguiding GuideDesign / Art Direction


Rémy MartinDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

The AmbassadorksDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

Adidas SambaDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive