To reflect the multiple disciplines of film production which The Ambassadorks are offering, they have commissioned me to design / art direct their website, as a central point to base an overal, new branding off.


Disciplines tightly placed together or pulled apart

A series of explorations lead to the final concept; a beehive network. Below a sketch that visualizes the identity of the company; a network of different disciplines, tightly placed together, or pulled apart for individual roles. When placed tightly together, it forms the logo of the company, represented in the character A from the Ambassadorks. This concept can be expanded to many different forms over time; full identity, animation, UI systems, etc. 


The Ambassadorks?

The "Ambassadorks" are the largest film production company in The Netherlands. They comissioned me to design / art direct their website to base their new branding off. After squeezing the budget, misleading about signing the contract and having me working on this project (with design solutions they liked), they have clearly expressed their respectless dissatisfaction after hearing that one of their new wishes was above budget for development (with plenty of other options within their budget on the table). Unfortuntalely they couldn't handle a 'no' (even after having already squeezed the initial budget). This has led to an immediate abort of project, cut off of contact and zero compensation from the client side. – On the bright side, I get this design case out of it and get to have some fun with adding possible extra characters to the clients name.

Closing notes

Design / Art Direction: Vinesh Gayadin
Brand: The Ambassadorks

All used photo's/film still are property of of the respectful owners. Not The Ambassadors, they own nothing of this.

Selected Work

G-STAR X25 IIProject type

The Next RembrandtDesign / Design Direction

– Website / Film

AbridgeArt Direction, Design

– Branding / Internactive

Style MathematicsDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive / Film / Misc

HorizonsDesign / Art Direction

– Film

RaynsieDesign / Art direction

– Interactive

DisplacementDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

United We AreDesign / Film Graphics

– Film

Eye Filmmuseum TouchDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

Misguiding GuideDesign / Art Direction


Rémy MartinDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

The AmbassadorksDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

Adidas SambaDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive