Abridge is a service that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to securely transcribe any medical conversation that a patient chooses to record. The service was designed to close the gap between patients and doctors, to give patients a better track of their health journey. To help expressing Abridge to both consumers and clinical institutions, we designed a rich (visual) system, that balances technology and humanity with sincerity and approachability.

The storyline of your health

As your health journey can take many different directions over time and through dialogues with your doctor, we used organic, 'always in motion', line treatments as a constant element in the visual identity. The concept of a single organic line can be found back in the logomark, illustrations, animation, pairing with photography, product design and website.


All Abridge communication stems from the brand DNA and defines primary communication principles according to three pillars of the brand: humanity, context, and conversation. How we speak, how we relate to different contexts, and how we behave impacts each message we create.

Elements of the visual language have been developed to embody the strategic foundation described above. A wide variety of organic shapes, illustrations, and compositions were introduced to help the narrative of the brand in different contexts with a strong tone and coherency.





The Abridges brand does not only live in the way it looks but also how it behaves. We designed principles for contextual, conversational and human aspects in the app experience. For instance; organic reminder cards to bring up your questions to your doctor when you are recording. And organic follow up suggestion cards to help you find your next step after you talked with your doctor.



Closing notes

Design / Art Direction: Vinesh Gayadin
Strategy / Copy: Cort Cunningham
ECD: David Navarro

Producer: Jessica Volodarsky
Design: Jonathan Boffa
Photographer: James Rice
Animation: Abridge, Dac Davy

Abridge team: Shiv Rao, Julia Chapin, Simon King, Anna Von Reden
Illustrations: The Furrow

Selected Work

G-STAR X25 IIProject type

The Next RembrandtDesign / Design Direction

– Website / Film

AbridgeArt Direction, Design

– Branding / Internactive

Style MathematicsDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive / Film / Misc

HorizonsDesign / Art Direction

– Film

RaynsieDesign / Art direction

– Interactive

DisplacementDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

United We AreDesign / Film Graphics

– Film

Eye Filmmuseum TouchDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

Misguiding GuideDesign / Art Direction


Rémy MartinDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

The AmbassadorksDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive

Adidas SambaDesign / Art Direction

– Interactive