Rock The Road

Design: Vinesh Gayadin, David Navarro / Agency: J. Walter Thompsom Amsterdam / Animation: Superhero Cheesecake

Remix music by using car tyre data

For premium tyre brand ‘Vredestein’, the #1 DJ Hardwell has created a remix of his song ‘United We Are’ in collaboration with the only female F1 pilot in the world; Carmen Jorda. The remix is based on tyre data captured from Vredestein's "Wintac-Xtreme S" tyre while driving. It was released along with a video clip. At a later stage, the tyre data has been made available for the public along with this rich, interactive tool that enables to remix tracks, preview snippets and mix it down with the videoclip.

Design elements

Tyre actions included speed, rotation, breaking, accelerating, etc. which all created unique data patterns when messured on this specific tyre in action. The unique data patterns were given as a present-kit to the user to apply to their remix.

Motion samples

A. Intro Scene

B. Tutorial Mode

C. Mixing Mode

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