The Next Rembrandt

Design Director / Design: Vinesh Gayadin / Agency: J. Walter Thompsom Amsterdam

Can techology bring back one of the greatest painters of all time?

With a team of specialist of different disciplines, we have created an algorithm which has crafted a new painting in the style of Dutch painter Rembrandt and proudly shared this story with the world. The story tells how the technical experts we able to develop a process, including deeplearning and scanning techniques, that helps stearing the algorithm in order to design and craft the 'next Rembrandt' painting.

Within 24 hour after the launch we found ourselves to be featured on 40+ (inter)national newsplatforms including; The Guardian, BBC news, The Verge, Engaget, The Independent, Gizmodo, Dutch National Broadcast News (NOS), The Next Web, Nerdcore, Het Parool, The Telegraph, Mashable, Wall Street Journal, NBC and many more.

The Artwork

The story behind the artwork

The story is told in different steps correlating to the proccess of getting to the 'next Rembrandt', from gathering the data to determing the subject and from generating the features to bringing it to life using 3D printed paint. We designed a visual language to help visualing the process and to be able to explain the fine details which were applied to the processing of generating this piece of art.

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