Role: Design + Art Direction & Production Music: Mogwai/Caspian

A nine year journey through space and time

This extensive solo project is a homage to NASA's New Horizon's mission; the 9 year journey to Pluto. The short animated film helps to understand the impressive distance (7.5 billion KM) which the New Horizons' space-probe has traveled. Whilst continiously traveling at high speed for 9 years, a big number of events occured on our planet Earth. The film will take you back in time from 2006 to 2015 to show you both the impressive journey and the notable events as they happened.

The film

Intro titles

The intro is showing parts of the journey in backwards order, as we are going from Pluto (2015) to Earth (2006). From there, the last shots show the take off of the probe into space. The journey forwards in time begins.

The mission

The first scene, shows the probe right above Earth, from the point of view of the International Space Station (ISS). Inside of the ISS, we find that the ISS is tracking and displaying this NASA New Horizons probe. The probe's mission overview is displayed on a single displayed I designed to show this.

The big journey through space and time

You will be taken through space by following the probe as it follows it's route where it encounters Jupiter, astroids and endless skies. As that happens, flashes and footage of the historical events will pass by. All of this within the right order of space and time from 2006 to 2015.

Above: The beginning of the journey, 2006.

Above: Initially, we see a split screen in which the journey through space is shown in the left section and the historical events of that year on the right side.

Above: Upon entering a new year as we go forward in time, flashes of highlighted events for that year are shown.

Above: The Jupiter flyby, 2007.

Above: A deeper 'journey through time', as we focus on the historical events in this rich timeline.

Above: The above intermission visualizes the progress of the journey after 3 years.

Above: A 'flashforward' of the 'eyjafjallajokull' volcano erruption to happen in 2010.

Above: Flying through the 'Kuijper' astroid belt, 2011.

Above: From 2012 - 2015 we fastforward with flashes of historical events untrill the final arrival at Pluto in 2015.

Above: The New Horizons probe finalizes it's initial journey with the final shots of Pluto. 2015.

Constellation Poster

In the details of the film, small symbols inspired by constellations (star map) are shown (e.g. in the titles). As I thought it was worth eleborating on this interesting detail, I designed an entire constellation map poster. The map reflects upon the events between 2006 and 2007. The centre shape is the official drawing of the front of the probe (this I've also shown in the final title of the film)

Project notes

This became way more than a design project. I started this project with zero experience in Cinema4D. By following courses and lessons, I increased my understanding of this field. With the extensive use of my love for design, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and TrapCode Particular, I created everything from concept design to rendering. Due to my stubborness in learning and creating this in my spare time, I managed to share my initial idea behind this project and learning process. Which is to create something to experience and comprehend big distance and time. With special thanks to: David Navarro, Katharina Olsen and the generous people who share their lessons.

This project is an homage to NASA’s New Horizons project and carries the strict purpose of education only. NASA, New Horizons, Mogwai, Caspian, other media and any references used in this film, are not associated with this project.

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